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Second Marriage Counseling & Coaching

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If you’re considering getting married for a second time, you’re not alone. Remarriage is becoming increasingly common, with roughly 60% of divorced Americans choosing to tie the knot again at some point.

But while getting remarried can be a great way to find happiness and companionship later in life, it’s not always a walk in the park.

One of the biggest challenges faced by couples in a second marriage is dealing with the baggage from their previous relationship. This can include everything from ex-spouses and children to financial issues and emotional trauma.

Fortunately, there’s help available. 2nd marriage counseling and coaching can provide you with the tools and support you need to overcome these challenges and build a strong, lasting relationship.

What Is Second Marriage Counseling?

Second marriage counseling and coaching is a type of therapy that’s specifically designed for couples who are remarrying. It can help you address the unique challenges that come with being in a second marriage, such as dealing with baggage from your previous relationship.

Second marriage counseling and coaching can be done either individually or as a couple. We offer in-person counseling as well as online (over Zoom), which can be convenient for busy couples.

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The Benefits to Second Marriage Counseling

There are many benefits to second marriage counseling and coaching.

  1. It’s effective. Marriage counseling is an effective way to strengthen a partnership that’s built on mutual respect, consideration, and trust. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamic, and have a safe space to share your struggles.
  2. It’s private. Having someone to talk to who isn’t in your close inner circle of friends or family provides you an opportunity to share your thoughts with a counselor who can give you unbiased, honest feedback.
  3. It’s convenient and accessible. You can schedule sessions around your busy schedule. If in-person sessions aren’t your thing, you choose to meet virtually over Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Are Second Marriage Coaching Services Right For You?

If you’re not sure whether online marriage counseling is right for you, consider these benefits:

  • You can get started quickly and conveniently.
  • You can schedule sessions around your busy schedule.
  • You don’t have to travel to an appointment.
  • Therapy sessions can be conducted in-person or via video chat, so all you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

If you’re ready to get started with marriage counseling, schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

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What To Look For When Seeking Second Marriage Counseling

When searching for online 2nd marriage counseling or coaching services, it is important to find a therapist or coach who is certified and experienced in working with couples. Look for someone who offers a free consultation so that you can get to know them and their approach before committing to paid sessions. Make sure that the therapist or coach you choose is willing to tailor their approach to your specific needs as a second marriage couple.

Roy and Amy are in their second marriage. They know what it’s like to have the challenges that come with trying to make a second marriage work. They also know how important it is to find the right therapist or coach to help you through those challenges.

If you are in a second marriage, contact Roy and Amy today to book a free consultation so they can chat with you and get to know you better.

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Roy And Amy Can Help Strengthen Your Second Marriage To New Levels

If you are looking for online 2nd marriage counseling or coaching services, look no further than Roy and Amy. They are experienced in working with couples, and they offer a free consultation so that you can get to know them and their approach before committing to paid sessions. They are also willing to tailor their approach to your specific needs as a second marriage couple.

Working together as a husband and wife team, Roy and Amy have dedicated their lives to working with couples and individuals to experience a deep love connection with their partner and extraordinary intimacy every single day.

For over 30 yrs combined, they have seen couples and individuals go from average to extraordinary in every aspect of their lives. Roy and Amy’s online marriage counseling and coaching programs are designed to remove obstacles and help you achieve the marriage you’ve both desired.

Roy and Amy explore intimacy across four key areas: Verbal, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

As a client, you get the powerful advantage of always having two perspectives and a built-in second opinion on everything!




What Our Clients Say

"Our relationship was good.  We didn’t fight or argue.  Our business was booming and quite frankly we didn’t really need to deal with anything in the bedroom.  After talking to Roy and Amy and hearing about their vision, we signed up.  It’s been the best investment ever.  We have heard that good is the enemy of great and that is so true especially in marriage.  We didn’t know we could have what we have.  Meeting with Roy and Amy gave us a whole new dimension to our marriage."
"Roy and Amy are so incredibly warm and easy to talk to. They understood us and our story like they had walked it with us. They clarified our thoughts and made sense of how we treat each other. We are so grateful for the help they have given us."
"When I read the question 'What would it take to make love every day?'  I thought, 'What a joke! Just another headline to grab my attention'. Then I found out that Roy and Amy are serious about what they teach.  The question forced my wife and I to reevaluate our priorities within our relationship.  It might not be every day but it’s close and we are even closer."