Discover the Four Intimacies and Create Deep, Meaningful Relationships


It's time to make intimacy a priority.

Intimacy is not exclusive to the love between partners. 

Having an intimate connection with yourself, your personal relationships, and even God, deepens your awareness and allows you to experience life at a more meaningful level.  

Most important, intimacy is to be experienced every day. 

Intimacy comes in 4 forms: 

  • Verbal
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

The result is to connect deeply on every level.

Being intimate is a part of living an extraordinary life… and we want that for everyone! 

If we want intimacy OUTSIDE of our own lives, then first we must learn how to experience it WITHIN ourselves.

The first intimate relationship you need to focus on isn’t necessarily the one with a significant other, but rather the one with yourself

What you believe about yourself and the world around you determines what (and who) you’ll attract.

It takes an intimate awareness and understanding of yourself as an individual in order to choose true love, grow your wealth, and experience happiness and inner peace. 

Understanding  your own needs and desires, and to be able to communicate them to others will lead to  deeper intimacy.

Intimacy can exist in many different types of relationships.

In our society, there are so many opportunities for us to experience personal or relational intimacy in the many types of relationships we have in our lives. 

We all need both types of intimacy — personal and relational — in order to live full, happy lives where love is given as well as received freely without expectation.

Personal and relational intimacy coaching is about fostering deep, meaningful connections with oneself and others. The intention of the work we do together in this process is to open up space for the exploration of what’s most important in our lives  every day.

Meet Roy & Amy

Working together as a husband and wife team, we have dedicated our lives to working with couples and individuals to experience a deep love and extraordinary intimacy with God, themselves and the ones they love in every area of life…


For over 30 yrs combined, we have seen couples and individuals go from average to extraordinary in every aspect of their lives. Our coaching programs are designed to remove obstacles and help you discover a healthy concept of God, an understanding of  yourself and a way to relate to others.

Intimacy is at our core desire. We explore intimacy across four key areas: Verbal, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

As a client, you get the powerful advantage of always having two perspectives and a built-in second opinion on everything!

Roy Clark

For over 30 years Roy has been empowering people to find their strength and end their suffering by reconciling their past, embracing the present and planning for their future. 

Dr. Amy Clark

Amy helps clients create and achieve the life they only dreamt of, using her psychology-supported approach to counseling that focuses on temperament.


What Our Clients Say

"I needed help identifying my emotions. They would swing from one extreme to another. I often felt stuck in the wrong marriage with the wrong person, unable to figure it out. I didn’t know whether to stay in my marriage or go and risk regretting it. Working with Roy and Amy, gave me a vision that allowed me to respect my husband and share my deepest longings with him. He started to join us and learned a new way to work with his inner fears and treat me with love.
Today we experience a deeper love and intimacy than ever before."
"After a couple months of hard work we feel we can finally move forward.  We kept going back to a bad well and it made us sick.  Our parents gave us such empty examples that we just did what they did.  Now we  know where we are going. We have learned to forgive and have a clear vision for our future.  It’s amazing how quickly we are and continue to experience a passion for each other."
"We are out of crisis, beyond maintenance and now living an extraordinary love life.  We didn’t think it was possible.  We keep meeting to learn new things every month.   Our relationship is our priority.  We practise the principles Roy and Amy taught us and it’s been incredible.  Not only that… it’s a lot of fun."