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About Roy & Amy

Working together as a husband and wife team

Roy and Amy are on a mission to model, teach and train others to live a life of love and extraordinary intimacy.

Working together as a husband and wife team, they use cutting edge strategies to effect change in the lives of their clients who want to be intimate verballyemotionallyphysically and spiritually. They provide coaching and resources for you to learn about what intimacy means, how you can experience it in all areas of life.

Clients enjoy the powerful advantage of always having two perspectives and a built-in second opinion on everything. Combining their strengths and individual areas of expertise, Roy and Amy are able to understand your problems quicker and offer a plan to implement solutions faster.

We’ve Been There

Roy and Amy have both personally struggled with and worked through deep rage, anger, forgiveness, eating disorders, divorce and depression. They will never ask you do what they have never done.  Don’t let the pretty pictures fool you. What they haven’t earned they have learned.

Their Story

Their story is personal and private.  To read about it you may send an email request via our Contact page.

Temperament Therapist

Dr. Amy Clark

Dr. Amy has been working with individuals and couples to find their way back to the life they love.  Earning her doctorate in 2015 from Jacksonville Theological,  she has excelled as a leader of life change in Naples Florida and the surrounding areas.

As a wife, mother, and business owner, she has a strong understanding of the stresses and struggles of everyday life. Her faith gives her a deep appreciation of everyones life and the struggles they’ve been through.  

Word has spread about Amy’s unique, biblically based and psychology-supported approach to counseling, with a focus on temperament. Her approachable, down-to-earth, and genuine personality resonates with her clients, allowing them to connect on a much deeper, more authentic level.

Partnering with her husband in 2020, she expanded her practice, adding marriage and couples counseling to her roster of specialties.

Amy and Roy have developed a strength-based, solution-oriented approach to help their clients create and achieve the life they only dreamt of. 

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Dr. Amy Clark, co-owner of Clark Coaching & Counseling.
Dr. Amy Clark

Roy Clark

For over 30 years Roy has been empowering people to find their strength and end their suffering by reconciling their past, embracing the present and planning for their future.

He has a broad range of experiences, from the 10 years as a pastor,  20 years of coaching, and running his own companies. With a strong compassion for others, Roy made it his life mission to help others resolve their inner conflicts and find solutions to make their future vision a reality. His charismatic, approachable and magnetic personality allows clients to feel at ease, while providing experienced, solid advice and proven strategies to produce effective change. His ability to see everyone’s potential while serving to inspire, empower, and build relationships makes him a incredible mentor to have on your side to guide you through any challenge.

Roy achieves results through his uncommon ability to solidify strong relationships and inspire people to be their best. He works relentlessly to help people reach and start living up to their full potential.

Roy is the author of the book “The Legacy of the Diamond King”, available on Amazon.

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Roy Clark, co-owner of Clark Coaching & Counseling.
Roy Clark

Our Seven T's

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