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We offer in-person or online counseling

Couples counseling and coaching can be extremely beneficial for couples who are struggling in their relationship. Often times, couples simply need someone to help them communicate more effectively and understand one another better. This is where online couples counseling and coaching can help you in ways you didn’t think possible!

Benefits of online couples counseling & coaching:

  1. Couples counseling & coaching can help you to improve communication, solve relationship problems, and build a stronger relationship.
  2. You can receive counseling & coaching from the comfort of your own home.
  3. You can schedule sessions around your busy schedule.
  4. You can learn new skills and strategies to improve your relationship.
  5. You can get help with specific relationship problems.
  6. You can work on your relationship at your own pace.

Could you make love every day?

We have been asking this question on a regular basis to help couples see the power behind an intimate relationship.

If your answer is no, one of the main reasons couples fall into this lacklustre trap is that they live their lives like roommates rather than lovers. They are either too exhausted to make the effort or they have grown so used to living in this way that it has become the norm.

Our coaching will reignite your passion, and help you feel alive again!

A healthy relationship doesn't have to feel like work. Relationships should always bring joy into our lives.

But sometimes, we find ourselves struggling. If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship, or just not sure how to move forward, online couples counseling and coaching can help.

We provide a safe space for couples to explore their relationship and identify areas of growth. We’ll work together to create a plan that fits your needs and helps you move forward in a healthy way.

As relational intimacy coaches, we help people feel closer and more connected with their lover or partner. We work to improve physical and emotional intimacy within a relationship, teaching you the skills you may have never learned from your parents.

The goal of intimacy coaching is to heal your current relationship and improve your skills as an intimate partner. 

marriage coaching online

Build a solid, healthy foundation so you can thrive as a couple

We are committed to helping you and your partner find new ways of being intimate verbally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In a world where everyone is on the go all the time it can be hard for couples to stay connected with one another. It’s so important that we stop what we’re doing every day and make time for our relationships because they mean everything in the end.

We give couples tools that will allow them to build healthy foundations for their relationship. We coach you on building a healthy, positive marriage that’s more resilient to the hardships life throws at you.




What Our Clients Say

"Our relationship was good.  We didn’t fight or argue.  Our business was booming and quite frankly we didn’t really need to deal with anything in the bedroom.  After talking to Roy and Amy and hearing about their vision, we signed up.  It’s been the best investment ever.  We have heard that good is the enemy of great and that is so true especially in marriage.  We didn’t know we could have what we have.  Meeting with Roy and Amy gave us a whole new dimension to our marriage."
"Roy and Amy are so incredibly warm and easy to talk to. They understood us and our story like they had walked it with us. They clarified our thoughts and made sense of how we treat each other. We are so grateful for the help they have given us."
"When I read the question 'What would it take to make love every day?'  I thought, 'What a joke! Just another headline to grab my attention'. Then I found out that Roy and Amy are serious about what they teach.  The question forced my wife and I to reevaluate our priorities within our relationship.  It might not be every day but it’s close and we are even closer."