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Get Closer Than You Ever Thought Possible With Our Proven Relationship Strategies To Build A Powerful and Intimate Marriage

When was the last time you and your partner kissed—really kissed, not just a tightly closed mouth peck? A kiss that sends tingles up your spine.

A kiss with a deep exchange of love and desire, not just an act to get you through the day.

If you have not received a kiss like this in a long time, there could be trouble brewing.

Do you feel like your relationship has lost some of its spark?

It’s normal to want intimacy with a partner, but intimacy goes beyond the physical kind. Are you both receiving the love that you need? If your date nights consist of nothing more than watching Netflix, or if the passion is gone from your relationship, it might be time to talk about that.

Do you remember the time when your relationship felt the most alive and you did things, big and small to nurture it? You and your partner used to be on the same page, but now there seems to be a disconnect.

You can sense it, you can see it in their eyes.

If you’re not feeling in sync with your partner, you may be looking for a way to re-connect with yourself or each other in order to feel more deeply again. The lack of intimacy in your relationships could be a sign that you are looking for something that is missing, and now you have a chance to find it with the right coaching.

Could you make love every day?

We have been asking this question on a regular basis to help couples see the power behind an intimate relationship.

If your answer is no, one of the main reasons couples fall into this lacklustre trap is that they live their lives like roommates rather than lovers. They are either too exhausted to make the effort or they have grown so used to living in this way that it has become the norm.

Our coaching will reignite your passion, and help you feel alive again!

Break free from toxic patterns

Toxic patterns like arguing over small things; criticizing each other for not living up to expectations; being dismissive about one another’s opinions on practical matters; refusing to listen or compromise are just some examples of how these unhealthy dynamics could take place in a relationship without either party realizing it until now.

When communication gets worse, and you have less energy to put into your relationship, it becomes stagnant and the cycle of negativity starts over.

This can be a difficult pattern to break, but through our personal and relational intimacy coaching programs we provide you with tangible tools that will help lighten your load and create greater levels of trust and spontaneity in your relationship.

A healthy relationship doesn't have to feel like work. Relationships should always bring joy into our lives.

This can only happen when both partners are able to express themselves authentically and intimately.

Healthy relationships are built on mutual trust, respect for each other’s needs and feelings, as well as an ability to communicate openly and honestly without fear of reprisal or judgment from one another.

When you invest in learning how your unique needs, wants, and desires play into the relationship with your partner, unspoken tensions and self-doubts are released. You become your most authentic and best self, which will carry over into other aspects of your life including family relationships, friendships, or your work environment.

By understanding how your temperament fits with that of your partner, you can better identify when your partner is feeling disconnected from you or wants more intimacy in a particular way. Once these discoveries have been made, you can then work together to explore how this new found knowledge will change your relationship and what it means for the future.

It takes work every day – but when two people commit themselves to understanding their partner in new ways they can create something extraordinary: true intimacy through self-acceptance and acceptance by others. When this occurs both partners start feeling more fulfilled because they have found someone who accepts them completely—good days or bad days!

Relationship problems won’t go away on their own. It is essential to recognize the things which are interrupting your intimacy with one another and create a plan to address them. You need a coach who specializes in relationships to help you fix the underlying issues, bringing back intimacy and passion.

As relational intimacy coaches, we help people feel closer and more connected with their lover or partner. We work to improve physical and emotional intimacy within a relationship, teaching you the skills you may have never learned from your parents.

The goal of intimacy coaching is to heal your current relationship and improve your skills as an intimate partner. 

We are committed to helping you and your partner find new ways of being intimate verbally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In a world where everyone is on the go all the time it can be hard for couples to stay connected with one another. It’s so important that we stop what we’re doing every day and make time for our relationships because they mean everything in the end.

We give couples tools that will allow them to build healthy foundations for their relationship. We coach you on building a healthy, positive marriage that’s more resilient to the hardships life throws at you.

Building a solid, healthy foundation for your relationship lays the groundwork to better understanding of each other and increased self-confidence within yourself.

Intimacy isn’t only about sex – it includes communication, spending quality time together, engaging in shared activities as well as physical contact (sexual or otherwise). There needs to be an overall balance between these things if you want intimacy from your relationship both now and into the future!

We can help you understand your partner in ways that they may never have been able to articulate before without being afraid of offending each other.

Many couples find working with us to be incredibly rewarding because not only have they grown stronger together, but have developed a self-awareness around why certain things happen within their relationships that previously confused or frustrated them. 

Relationships can be difficult, and it is not uncommon to feel discouraged. But as you grow closer together, the benefits of your relationship will manifest in many ways:

Increased communication skills — including a willingness to speak up when something has been bothering you for awhile;

Greater empathy — including understanding where your partner is coming from even if they don’t agree with how you are feeling or reacting;

Better listening skills — where each person knows that their voice matters without having to shout over one another (and knowing when what they have to say needs more attention);

Deeper intimacy — which we define as giving everything about yourself completely while also taking nothing personally because it all comes back around eventually.

A personal & relational intimacy coaching experience leads to new insights and perspectives.

We can help strengthen physical and emotional intimacy for couples at any stage of their relationship, it’s never too late to learn the power of intimacy! We’ll guide you towards building up new shared experiences with positive emotions as well as working through past conflicts which have been hindering intimacy between you both, or affecting how you feel about yourself and others.

It sounds complicated but it doesn’t need to be when you have Roy and Amy on your side.

Coaching is more than just being told what to do or how to fix things; it’s about creating an environment where you are empowered, have the opportunity to explore your relationship from a new perspective, and can develop strategies for personal growth individually and together that are designed just for you.

Meet Roy & Amy

Working together as a husband and wife team, we have dedicated our lives to working with couples and individuals to experience a deep love and extraordinary intimacy with God, themselves and the ones they love in every area of life…


Intimacy is at our core. We explore intimacy across four key areas: Verbal, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.


Building a solid, healthy foundation for your relationship lays the groundwork to better understanding of each other and increased self-confidence within yourself.

As your coaches, we are there to be a secure anchor for you to relate with as you work towards what you want in relationships and life. We are genuinely committed to helping you succeed, and will provide candid, constructive feedback that will help you grow as a person.

We offer a variety of relationship coaching services including: Relationship Coaching, Intimacy Sessions, Couples Retreats, and more! We also provide on-demand online courses so finding time is never an excuse!

Our custom-tailored plans are designed to help couples find the spontaneity and intimacy they once had in their relationship. We will start by providing you with a complimentary 15-minute session to help us get to know your needs. We will answer any questions that you may have, and explain our process for discovering and addressing intimacy challenges in your personal and romantic relationships.

Our sessions are held in a safe, confidential space where you and your partner can express your needs privately or together. It can be hard to be vulnerable and open up about your feelings and desires, especially when the relationship you cherish is at stake.

After working with us, you will be able to communicate more compassionately and confidently. Your relationship will feel stronger than ever before. You will never question when the last time was that you shared a passionate kiss with your partner.

Contact us today to find out what type of session would be best for you!



What Our Clients Say

"Our relationship was good.  We didn’t fight or argue.  Our business was booming and quite frankly we didn’t really need to deal with anything in the bedroom.  After talking to Roy and Amy and hearing about their vision, we signed up.  It’s been the best investment ever.  We have heard that good is the enemy of great and that is so true especially in marriage.  We didn’t know we could have what we have.  Meeting with Roy and Amy gave us a whole new dimension to our marriage."
"Roy and Amy are so incredibly warm and easy to talk to. They understood us and our story like they had walked it with us. They clarified our thoughts and made sense of how we treat each other. We are so grateful for the help they have given us."
"When I read the question 'What would it take to make love every day?'  I thought, 'What a joke! Just another headline to grab my attention'. Then I found out that Roy and Amy are serious about what they teach.  The question forced my wife and I to reevaluate our priorities within our relationship.  It might not be every day but it’s close and we are even closer."