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I needed help identifying my emotions. They would swing from one extreme to another. I often felt stuck in the wrong marriage with the wrong person, unable to figure it out. I didn’t know whether to stay in my marriage or go and risk regretting it. Working with Roy and Amy, gave me a vision that allowed me to respect my husband and share my deepest longings with him.  He started to join us and learned a new way to work with his inner fears and treat me with love. Today we experience a deeper love and intimacy than ever before.  


We are out of crisis, beyond maintenance and now living an extraordinary love life.  We didn’t think it was possible.  We keep meeting to learn new things every month.   Our relationship is our priority.  We practise the principles Roy and Amy taught us and it’s been incredible.  Not only that… it’s a lot of fun. 


After a couple months of hard work we feel we can finally move forward.  We kept going back to a bad well and it made us sick.  Our parents gave us such empty examples that we just did what they did.  Now we  know where we are going. We have learned to forgive and have a clear vision for our future.  It’s amazing how quickly we are and continue to experience a passion for each other.


When I read the question “What would it take to make love every day?”  I thought, “What a joke! Just another headline to grab my attention.  Then I found out that Roy and Amy are serious about what they teach.  The question forced my wife and I to reevaluate our priorities within our relationship.  It might not be every day but it’s close and we are even closer.  



Roy and Amy are so incredibly warm and easy to talk to. They understood us and our story like they had walked it with us. They clarified our thoughts and made sense of how we treat each other. We are so grateful for the help they have given us.  


Our relationship was good.  We didn’t fight or argue.  Our business was booming and quite frankly we didn’t really need to deal with anything in the bedroom.  After talking to Roy and Amy and hearing about their vision, we signed up.  It’s been the best investment ever.  We have heard that good is the enemy of great and that is so true especially in marriage.  We didn’t know we could have what we have.  Meeting with Roy and Amy gave us a whole new dimension to our marriage.