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Your relationship with yourself
is CRUCIAL for your well-being.

If you are dissatisfied and unhappy with who you are, then any relationship or interaction that starts from this place will inevitably be unsatisfying.

GUT CHECK: Take a moment to think about all of the relationships in your life… family, friends, romantic partners – because without them we cannot have intimacy or fill our needs for love and belonging.

The more you know and love who you are, the easier you can connect to and understand others. 

Knowing that we can be vulnerable with ourselves creates a sense of freedom in our interactions with other people. And when we give up what’s holding us back, such as judgmental thoughts about ourselves, this frees us to enter into deeper intimate connections and relationships — whether it is one person or many people.

If we want intimacy OUTSIDE of our own lives, then first we must learn how to experience it WITHIN ourselves.

woman spreading arms near body of water

It takes an intimate awareness and understanding of yourself as an individual in order to find true love, attract wealth, and experience happiness and inner peace. You have to be able to identify your own needs and desires, and be able to communicate them to others.

In order to understand WHY we feel certain ways in our relationships, or want more intimacy than others, you need to take a closer look at your temperament.

The ancient Greeks developed a theory of personality that is still used today to describe people’s personalities. They discovered that every individual has one (or possibly a blend) of temperaments,which are categorized today into five types: sanguine, choleric, melancholy, phlegmatic and (newly added) supine. 

These temperament categories help give us a better understanding how different types of people react differently to life’s challenges.

Knowing, understanding, and mastering the 5 Temperaments can help you create a deeper level of connection in all areas of your life where it counts!

Understanding which temperament you are can help understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as how others may perceive you in their own way. 

Once you explore this new found knowledge, it will change how you see all of the relationships around you, impacting them in a way you never thought possible!

This workshop will teach you about each of these five temperaments: 

👉  Melancholies (those who are introverted and sensitive)

👉  Sanguines (extroverts with high energy levels)

👉  Cholerics (aggressive leaders driven by ambition)

👉  Phlegmatics (peaceful individuals)

👉  Supine (obliging, people-pleasing)